Hansens Surf Shop Should Build Beach Access

The City of Encinitas is currently considering building pedestrian tunnels to go under the railroad tracks in order for pedestrians to be able to walk to the beach. Tunnels cost 5 million each, the City wants three of them. Above ground crossings are much cheaper but nobody can figure out how to make them safe.

Evidently the possibility that a pedestrian will linger on the tracks after the gates go down and the bells start ringing for 3 minutes, and then get hit by a train presents a great a risk to our citizens. I think Hansen's can help us with this.

Hansen's has a web cam up right now where you can check out Cardiff Reef at any hour of the day or night. See this at:  http://hansensurf.com/community/Surfer-Web-Cam-San-Diego-Cardiff-Reef.html.  Surely Hansen's could put up more web cams to check out the pedestrian crossings? Then we need to get the engineers web browsers which show the crossings. Probably some modification of the technology would be necessary, hopefully this would cost less than a five million dollar tunnel.

Last Updated on Friday, 28 September 2012 07:34

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