I attach a spreadsheet to this document detailing my visits. I made a total of 32 visits over a period of 2 months. This number will likely increase as I continue to stop by the fields. I would like to summarize my findings in this document.

There are 4 baseball fields at Ecke Sports Park and 4 baseball fields at Cardiff Sports Park. On only one visit were all eight fields occupied.

The field shortage, such as it is, is largely confined to weekend afternoons.

Weekend afternoons usually had six to seven fields occupied by teams playing.

There is no shortage of fields available on weekday nights. Usually half the fields are empty or being used by 4 or 5 people informally practicing. By informal practice, I mean not teams practicing.

There is a positive surplus of fields available in the late afternoon after school.

Less than half the fields are used at these times.

The lights remain on at night on the fields whether even if the fields are empty.

Only one time did I pass a field at night where the lights were out because the field was unused. At all other times, the lights on all four fields were on.

Who Is Using the Fields

I divide field use between children under 14 and all others. Fields are used 60% of the time by children under 14.

Children under 14 use the fields 60% of the time. The children, almost without exception, play in games with the following adult involvement.

  • 2 umpires are on the field.
  • 2 coaches are on the field
  • 2 additional coaches are supervising from the front of the dugout.
  • 2 scorers are recording scores for the game.
  • 40 adults, at minimum, are watching the game.

I conclude from my own survey that there is no shortage of athletic fields in Encinitas. There is some evidence of a shortage of fields available in what could be defined as prime time. Prime time is weekend days and occasionally weekend nights when both children are still awake and adults are off work, ie: from 6:00 to 8:00 pm. It should be noted that many school athletic fields exist in the community which are not being used at these times.

I don’t imagine that the council would be considering building fields in an these times of tight money and a declining youth population in Encinitas unless the council was convinced that there was a serious shortage of athletic fields in Encinitas. Obviously, my data is at variance with whatever sources the council is using.

I urge the council members to stop by the fields on weekday afternoons or evenings to verify the truth of what I am saying.

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