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A Review of MIS Essentials 4th Edition, by David Kroenke

MIS Essentials 4th Edition, by David Kroenke is primarily used as a textbook in a Management Information Systems class. The book is for students who plan to become, in the author’s phrase, business professionals, i.e. business majors. This review is for teachers who plan on using this textbook. Kroenke is enthusiastic about his subject, claiming that Introduction to MIS is the most important class the business professional will take in the Business School. Why? Moore’s Law. Moore’s Law loosely states that computing power doubles every…

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My AFT – a little old fashioned?

My union sends me the Union Advantage, a publication of the American Federation of Teachers Guild, Local 1931, AFL-CIO.  This is an oversize newspaper printed on heavy weight paper. Three sheets, six pages. Mostly pro-union polemics. I don’t know who prints it, or what the decision process was that determined that the Union membership needs this in hard copy. It does occur to me that I don’t know any teachers without regular high-speed internet access, both at home and at work. My teacher’s union is…

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