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Encinitas 200K Club

Thanks to we can see all the salaries for Encinitas city, state, and county employees. Its interesting to look at the folks who work for us who make over 200K a year. The Sheriff’s department doesn’t break out Deputies who make more than 200K a year by local department. I only found one local deputy who did so. There are 57 deputies in the San Diego Sheriff’s department who made over 200K last year. Name Position Total Pay Agency Base Pay Overtime Pay Other Pay…

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I got a joke in my email today. Its about President Obama getting a plaque from the Indians with his new Indian name, “Walking Eagle”. The punchline of the joke has to do with the name Walking Eagle referring to a bird that’s so full of shit it can’t fly. Its a funny joke. I’d heard it years ago, applied to the first President Bush. Sombebody told it to me in a bar. What’s different this time around, is that the joke looks like a…

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