Managing Technology

The essay I’m citing for discussion this week is about managing a Cheesecake Factory restaurant and managing an orthopedic medical practice. What do they have in common? They both involve groups of people performing complex tasks to a standard approaching perfection. Many technical tasks are similar: groups of people working together using spreadsheets and word processing documents.  Many jobs today have similarly high standards. If you can work in an office with technology, and you get a reputation for not making mistakes, you will do well for yourself.

Read the essay and write a response to it. This is not a book report – everybody else has read it too; so you don’t need to summarize it. The best responses tend to be specific comparing the Cheesecake factory or the Orthopedics practice to your own workplace. You can also write about your own experiences with healthcare. Finally, you can write about going out to eat. You can disagree with the techniques used by the Cheesecake Factory or the Doctors cited in the essay.

Then, respond to two other people’s essays in the comments section.

Atul Gawande writes what managing an Orthopedic group and a Cheesecake Factory restaurant have in common: