Submitting Your Grader Projects in MyItlab

Uploading your spreadsheet for grading.

After you have downloaded the spreadsheet and worked on it, go back to the screen where you downloaded it. Two buttons are of note:


(click on illustration to enlarge)

The Upload Completed File button needs to be pressed to upload the file.

The blue circled Finish button must also be pressed in order for Myitlab to grade your work.


Correcting Your Spreadsheet in Order to Get a Higher Grade

After you have submitted your spreadsheet and received a grade, you can see what you got wrong by looking the the “View Your Submissions” page. You get to the page by clicking on the chevron next to the assignment and choosing “View Your Submissions”. This screen will appear:

(click on screen to enlarge)



If you click on the project submission, circled in red, the detail on the right  will appear. The three selections highlighted all have information about what you did wrong and how to make it right.


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