I got a joke in my email today. Its about President Obama getting a plaque from the Indians with his new Indian name, “Walking Eagle”. The punchline of the joke has to do with the name Walking Eagle referring to a bird that’s so full of shit it can’t fly.

Its a funny joke. I’d heard it years ago, applied to the first President Bush. Sombebody told it to me in a bar.

What’s different this time around, is that the joke looks like a news story. Its got a picture of Obama on a stage with some Indians receiving a placque, it has a dateline, and small details about the tribe. So, when you read it, you’re not really sure if its true or not, unless, like me, you heard the joke years ago.

I get stuff like this from my Republican friends all the time and I don’t know what they are thinking of. Do they believe that this happened, that a convocation of Indians got together and gave out this goofy award? What is the point of this?

Now my friend may tell me this is a joke, that he’s only kidding, but then I get another email from Rob Peterson. I don’t know Mister Peterson, I think I receive his emails because I am on the Fairbanks Ranch Republican woman’s email list. Mister Peterson believes that an unassailable case can be made that President Obama is forgoing wearing jewelry these days because his Muslim religious beliefs prohibit wearing jewelry during the holy month of Ramadan. I don’t think he is joking, as the tone of his letter is not humorous.

So, if they are not joking, and I don’t think they are, then what are they thinking?

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