Visual Basic Primer

A Visual Basic Tutorial and Reference

Most of the Visual Basic you are going to need for this class is displayed or linked to on this page:

Some of this won’t immediately sync up with what we cover in class. Don’t worry – it will come together. Try to understand both. When they show something in the tutorials, its important to work the examples, even if you don’t know what your doing. Blindly follow directions and things will get clearer.

Installing Visual Basic at home

You can do your Visual Basic homework on your own computer. There are several different packages you can download to do this. This one will require you to register an email address with Microsoft after 30 days. Micorsoft seems to obscure the differences between the various packages you can download. You want Visual Studio Community without any options. You don’t want Visual Studio Community for the Web, or for the Desktop, etc. Download it from here:

You need Windows 7 or higher to run this and its a large download.

Choose the “Install Now” option. Not the “DVD9 ISO image option”.

Unclick all optional features to install.