Its About the Web is based in San Diego, California. We use technology to empower people and businesses to compete effectively in today's economy. Keeping internet technology close to the entrepreneur, the business owner, or the CEO is the most effective way of staying competitive.

Steve Alexander - Marketing and Accounts

Steve Alexander has founded and run several businesses in the USA and abroad. In Sydney, Australia, he founded and managed a worldwide computer software, hardware, and consulting firm that became the largest Multi-Value® software dealer in the world in less than four years. Returning to the USA, he worked with a cosmetics firm that grew from three people to over 50 in only three years, and a computer manufacturing company that grew from 10 people to over 500 in four years. Steve has consulted with over 400 different companies to increase sales, increase profit, and grow businesses. 

Steve works proactively using the internet to grow your business. He has a B.S., Electrical Engineering from Purdue, and an M.S. in Management Science from the Naval Postgraduate School.


Brian Gulino - Computer Infrastructure and Technology

Brian Gulino works with keeping our internet servers powerful, flexible and secure. He supervises and designs the internet applications needed for your company's success.

Brian Gulino graduated from the School of Advanced Technology, SUNY Binghamton. This was, at the time, the most advanced Computer Science school in the United States. Heavily influenced by Gerald Weinberg, and Donald Gause, SAT emphasized collaboration, on the design of large scale computer systems. This was in direct opposition to the algorithmic and mathematical emphasis common in most computer science schools existing then and now. Since acquiring his MS in Computer Science, Brian has written technical articles and movie screenplays, designed accounting systems, taught at the University level, and developed websites.

A more traditional resume for Brian Gulino is here.

Its About the Web was established in 2006.



Graphics by Photoshop and Fireworks. Everything else is Joomla.

Technical Resources

We use a variety of development products to present content on all kinds of web sites. Our tools conform to international standards, and work reliably and efficiently to solve business problems.

Servers are the computers which serve your web pages to users, deliver your email and guard your corporate messaging and information against hacking. We use secure, mirrored servers running redundantly on both coasts of the continental U.S.A. We completely control security and configuration on our servers. Some of the server technologies we use are:
  • Apache web servers with secure server technologies. The most effective and secure web servers use Apache.
  • Mysql, QM, and D3 database technologies for fast and flexible database development.
  • Joomla content management systems to manage documents and Web Logging (blogs)
  • PHP and Perl for scripting processes.

Graphic Development and Design

  • Photoshop - for image pre and post processing and graphic design.
  • Fireworks - for web oriented graphic design and animation
  • ImageMagick - for uploading to the web and automating imaging applications.

Client-Side Technologies

  • Javascript - for client side scripting.



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