Picking a Domain Name

here's some quick tips on picking a domain name . . .

Make it easy to remember.

If you were at a noisy party and someone asked you your website name, could you tell it to them and have some hope that they'd remember it the next day? This means:

  • Avoid ambiguous spellings - is it roses4u.com or rosesforyou.com? Or rosesforu.com? roses4you.com? Best to say "roses for you - all spelled out".
  • Go for short names devoid of meaning or long names full of meaning. kodak.com is memorable. So is itsalongstory.com.
  • Avoid unusual punctuation - did you know the internet ignores capitalization any in domain names? ItsAboutTheWeb.com and itsabouttheweb.com will get you to the same place. The problem with capitalizing the words is no one is quite sure which ones are capitalized.

Make it Meaningful

  • If you are a plumber and most of your business is in New York and no one owns newyorkplumbing.com - buy it.
  • buy the words that people would use to look up your business in google.

Buy More than One Name

They are cheap! If you practice law in Del Mar and in Cardiff, buy delmarlaw.com and cardifflaw.com. They can both link to the same website.

Make it Meaningless But Memorable

Apple computers? Pick a memorable word and combine it with what you do. Fruits work well, e.g. peachcarpenters.com.

Ask Steve

Our marketing director Steve Alexander came up with the list below in about ten minutes. Why he can do this, and it takes my two hours to eke out one crummy name, I don't know.  It's a talent though.

porkhit.com - farmers




gottalookgood.com – makeup, beauty salon, auto sales

shirtback.com – charity, t-shirts

backshirt.com – charity, t-shirts

ohioiowa.com – doing business in both states

ladyhill.com - ? but easy to remember

stitchinnine.com – conferences, time management

sewgrass.com - gardner

sawinhalf.com - magician

zingorator.com – public speaker

bladerater.com – knife sales, gardener, entertainer – knife thrower, juggler

grasserater.com – gardner

poolerater.com – pool builder or maintenance

builderater.com – construction

hairrater.com – hair stylist



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