Computer Virus Removal

Things to do if your computer is not working well.


Computer is running slower than when you bought it. Web pages take a long time to load, long pauses for email, long pause when you turn the computer on.


Not enough memory

You originally bought the computer with enough memory but now you are running more software which takes up additional memory. These relationships are not linear, that is, you buy the computer and run three programs - everything is fine. You run a fourth program, and everything slows way down, not 20% slower, but 3 or 4 times slower. This article is not about adding memory to your computer.

Running additional Software

You have added additional software which you do not need which is using the computers resources. This includes commercial screen displays, and anti-virus software. This article is not about detecting and removing unnecessary software from your computer.

Viruses, Malware, and Adware

In the course of surfing the web or receiving email, you may have inadvertently loaded a virus, malware or adware. This article is about steps you can take to remove these pests.

No Guarantee

Malware and viruses today are powerful enough that the following steps may not eradicate them. It is entirely possible that the only way to make your computer function properly is to save everything you need to keep onto an external data storage devices such as a CD or memory stick, reformat the hard drive, reload the operating system and programs from original media, and reload the saved data after scanning it for viruses.

Steps to Removing Viruses, Malware and Adware

Dan Fischback has compiled a thorough and easy to understand method of eradicating viruses on your computer system and subsequently setting up your system so that it is less likely that you will get more viruses. Unfortunately, his method takes a long time, involving several scans of your computer.  As most of the time, you will be waiting for some process to complete, its a good idea to have the computer somewhere where you can accomplish other work while the computer is scanning itself. The procedure will take between 1 and 2 eight hour days.

 Here's Dan's website and instructions:


Good Luck!


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