"What if these guys get hit by a bus?

After you've had you website for a while. Its up and running, customers are calling you, or your recieving orders from your on-line store. A somewhat more polite version of the title of this article begins to form in your mind.

man hit by a bus "What if these guys get hit by a bus?"

 You can substitute "move to Hawaii" (we consider this a much more palatable alternative) to getting hit by a bus, but the point is the same. How does your business keep going if something happens to the developers or maintainers of your website or shopping cart? Can you duplicate what they do somewhere else?

 Software, Servers, and Service

Your web presence stands on four legs:

  1. Name registration - You own a name, called a URL. Itsabouttheweb.com is a URL. The name is registered using a name registration service - costs $10 a year. The registration includes a specification for a name server, which is a computer which points to the server where your web software is stored.
  2. Software - the content of your web site. This includes the text, the photography, graphics elements, and the programs which tie all this together. It may also include a database.
  3. Servers - the software listed above resides on one or more computers. These computers download the web content to your customers when they access your website.
  4. Service - if there is a problem with your software or servers who do you call? (That's a rhetorical question - you call us and we deal with it.)

If we are not around, you could potentially need to move your software to a different server and hire different people to maintain and enhance it. What is more likely is you want to give your web business to your brother-in-law.  You may have to replace all four of these legs. We'll cover these issues one by one.

  1. Name server - if you are moving your software to a different server you will have to change you name server record to point to the new server.  This is not difficult to do as long as you own your own name. Our customers typically own their names.
  2. Software - it is difficult to download your site directly. It is easier for us to do this. At your request, for a nominal fee ($100 as of 10/10/2010), we will make you a copy of your site. We currently keep two copies of your site, one on the production server and one in our office. The server company also keeps two backups; One 24 hours old and one 48 hours old.
  3. Servers - we use hosting companies to run your software. Hundreds of these companies exist. We make every effort to use industry standard technologies which make it easier to move your software from one server company to another. Most modern websites use enough different technologies so that matching up all the different programs on your website can involve some work, but this work is of a routine nature for someone with programming skills.
  4. Service - you would be calling your new providers for service.
It should be mentioned that you can leave your software on our servers even if we are no longer servicing your account. We charge competitive hosting fees.

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