Acer vs. Lenovo - tearing them apart

I recently needed to repair an Acer laptop and a Lenovo laptop. The Acer needed a new cpu fan, the Lenovo a new keyboard. It was instructive to take apart both machines.

To get to the CPU on the Acer was a multi-step process involving completely taking the machine apart. Putting it back together was difficult and uncertain, involving inserting extremely thin ribbon cables into connectors with no positive feedback on whether they were connected. I kept inserting the ribbon cable for the keyboard incorrectly. Finally, given the fragility of the components, I gave up and brought the computer to a laptop repair store, where an experienced technician inserted the keyboard cable and completed assembling the machine.

The Lenovo was much easier to disassemble. I removed five screws and a piece of plastic on the front and the keyboard just slid out. More importantly the keyboard was attached using a plug and socket connector providing postive feed back when I plugged in the new keyboard. The repair was done successfully in less than 15 minutes.

Something to consider when buying a laptop.


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