Fixed Rate Services



Most of our work is done on a bid-estimate or hourly rate basis. We are able to develop small business web sites for a fixed rate. We call these websites, "brochureware" because they represent a brochure for your business on the web. Usually consisting of less than five pages, these web sites consist of copy describing your business and yourself, some photographs or graphics relevant to the business. Most, if not all, of the copy and artwork is provided by you. We format it and put it together on the web.

An important part of our fixed fee approach to these web sites is that we work with the strengths and limitations of our tools. We can provide an unusually valuable and flexible website for a fixed fee as long as we can use the feature set provided by our development software. We can customize sites to use features not included in our development software but we find that this increases the cost of the site and makes it more difficult to modify in the future, often with no compensating benefit.

$30/mo. Web hosting, including unlimited mail, spam filtering, database, PHP, and Joomla access.
$40/hr. Graphics development - photoshop and fireworks development, processing images for the web.
Flash programming - animation design, and video integration

Graphics and video design - conceptual design either from scratch or from your materials and ideas.

$110/hr Computer programming, including database design, software integration, internet security and software configuration.

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